The right decision for your hair

When it comes to hair, it’s fair to say that many of us put our locks through more than a serious workout at the gym. For example, heated hair tools, hair drying, bleach, colour, hair clips and bands! No wonder so many suffer with damaged, frazzled hair. The problem is hair conditioners and hair masks just coat the surface of our hair.

Why K18?
As professional hairdressers, we believe K18 surpasses any hair repair treatment we have used, and that includes well known brand, Olaplex. What’s more, a K18 treatment takes just 4 minutes to work on your hair, restoring strength and texture in minute.

What is K18?
After years of research the team at K18 developed a bioactive *peptide that miraculously transforms the hair back to its uncompromised virgin state. This is achieved through a process that magically rebuilds the internal structure (bonds) of the hair.

K18 is not just for chemically compromised and heat damaged hair. It will also strengthen and enhance naturally fine/coarse hair with its lightweight moisturising benefits, leaving the hair ultra-smooth without weighing it down. As well as offering K18 as a treatment at our hair salon, it can be purchased and used at home, enabling you to keep your hair in salon finished condition.

You can book your K18 treatment as a standalone service with your Cut and Finish for £30, or as an add on to your colour service at just £19.50

* short chains of amino acids linked by peptide bonds.

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