The Colour Of The New Decade?

Colour is going to be a big deal in 2020 and new products mean that there are new looks developing all the time. Here at Headspace our stylists love to play with colour and our clients leave with showstopping, Instagram-worthy hair every time.

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So, what’s in store next year?

Money Piece – this is a flattering personalised frame around the front of your face which can really lift your complexion.

Haze Glazing – give lightened hair an illuminating sunlit effect and make it glisten with a warm wash of colour.

Go Bronde – not sure whether to commit to blonde or dark colour? Bronde is the answer – glossy and warm with light and shade for contrasting brightness to really make it pop. This style is easy to maintain.

Polish the Copper – Auburn locks can really make a statement this year with the addition of copper tones. Copper shampoo is available to add a peachy colour to blondes and add a real shine to brunettes.

Colour Contrasting – Hair colours are going to get even more confident and daring in 2020 with chunky streaks in stark colour combinations. Create even more of an impact using face-framing streaks.

Twisted Balayage – yes, the balayage will still be hugely popular in 2020, but a more muted look is surfacing. The colour will be applied in a twisting motion so the highlight isn’t concentrated and looks more natural. Brunettes will be opting for cinnamon and hazelnut hues rather than a harsher blonde highlight.

Show off those curls – go for all over highlights to give extra dimension to your curls. Talk to your colourist about putting highlights on single curls to really enhance them.

If you favour the more adventurous, bolder colour look for cooler tones in blues, pinks and turquoise. Make 2020 your year to embrace the rainbow!

If you are unsure in which direction to move your hair colour, come in for a consultation. Our stylists and colourists love inspiring our clients to discover new looks and new images.




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