We are well equipped with years of hair know-how, and ready to create your best look with natural products. Hair is our passion, and our passion shows on every client.

Headspace hair salon Dunstable

A: 7 Queensway, Dunstable, LU5 4ET

T: 01582 663703

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Tuesday: 09:00 – 18:00
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    Olaplex Steps to Great Hair – Part 2

    Now that you’ve heard about the product that everyone is raving about in Part 1 of our blog, we’re going to explain how it works and how you can get in on the Olaplex action. Following a professional hair consultation where we assess the current condition of your hair and the colour treatments you are...

    The miracle of Olaplex – Part 1

    You’ve probably heard about the product that everyone is raving about, from A list celebrities and colourists to the stars, to hair salon owners, beauty editors and your friends with great hair. It all started with a meeting between Dean Christal and two passionate scientists who went back to the very basics of hair structure...